Our Parish Mission Statement:
To Live and Preach the Gospel through the Example of our Lives

Archived Announcements: 3/18/2020 - 3/28/2020


Posted 3/28/2020

Deacon Ken's homily for the Fifth Sunday of Lent, March 29, 2020

Posted 3/23/2020



Mass Intentions
Monday. For our parishioners
Tuesday. Ellen Moran by her loved ones
Wednesday deceased members of the Lacasce family
Thursday for our faithful departed
Friday for all who are ill
Saturday William and Lucy Kurkul
By the family
Sunday. Bernice Johnson Tobin
By Nelca
Please note.. due to the virus Father will celebrate each of our parish Masses privately

Parish Prayer List
Donald and Diane Fagan, Harry Ryan, Richard Lacasce, Shane Hill, Roger Bingham, Sister Dymphna, Cindy Lacasce, Louise Wetherby, Gary Hobel, Kathleen Jessica Kimball, Deacon John Blicharz, Baby Anastasia, Cathy Fletcher, Mary Ellen Maier, Jeff Rosetti, Kim Lewis, James Baljak, Carmel Fogarty, Mary Ann Kelly, Sandra Hebert, Joan Russo Lynn Beksha, Weston Corey, David Cormier, Robert Kaspar, Kris Piper, Leroy Sanderson, Carol DeRego, Edward Jones, Jim Picard, Julie Webster, Nancy parsons, Allison Bruce, Frances Thibault, Nelida Picard, Mary Byrne, Ellie auna Rosen, Paula Gallagher, Ada Hobel, Katherine Shan, Daniel Collins, Pamela Collins, Claude Webster. If you placed someone on the prayer list and they can come off, or you would like to add someone please contact the rectory office

Weekend collection
Offertory. $1,580.00
Building fund. $165.00
Thank you for your donations to our parish

Please pray for our young people who are preparing to receive Sacraments for the first time

Father John is willing to expose the Blessed Sacrament in St. Catherine's church on Thursdays from 9 AM to 3 PM if anyone would be willing to adore the Lord. Note: there will NOT be Adoration of the Lord on on Fridays from 9 AM to 3 PM at St. Peters as originally reported.

Posted 3/20/2020


As Father John has said the parish will continue to accrue expenses so please send checks to All Saints Parish, PO Box 332, Charlestown, New Hampshire 03603. Thank you.


Bulletins will not posted on the website until further notice. Father John, however, will be posting announcements as needed in this section of our website's homepage.

Posted 3/18/2020


Dear Parishioners
On Tuesday afternoon, March 17, I received a letter from the Bishop that he asked us to publicize for you. As you know, the virus has forced us to make drastic changes to our parish life In order to protect everyone from the virus the Bishop is asking us to stop celebrating public Mass in church. I will celebrate mass privately every day for the daily intention of the Mass. Therefore if you have asked to have mass celebrated it will be celebrated. Plus I will celebrate Mass for our parishioners each weekend. The Bishop encourages us to watch Mass on television. We are blessed to have this option. I pray that the virus will leave us soon and we will be able to return to our daily and weekend Masses. We also thank you for your continued support of our parish. Despite this terrible virus we still will have parish expenses so we deeply appreciate your continued support.
May the Lord bless you always
Father John Loughnane


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