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Archived Announcements: 5/15/2020 - 6/4/2020


Posted 6/4/2020

Dear Parishioners and friends:
The pandemic has had a serious effect on all of us. Our Bishop is anxious to allow us to resume our normal worship schedule, but he is also most concerned with the health and safety of us all.
Therefore beginning the weekend of June 6 and 7 public Mass will be offered according to our regular Mass schedule
However, to protect us from the virus, only every other pew will be available for seating. You are asked to keep six feet from your neighbor in the pew except for family members. There will be no missalettes to avoid germs and no sign of peace will be exchanged. You are asked to please wear a mask in the church. Father and Deacon and Eucharistic ministers will wear masks when distributing Communion. You are asked to stay six feet from the person in front of you in the Communion line, and the Precious blood will not be shared. There will be no greeting after Masses.
You are asked to please put your kneeler down before you leave so that your area may be sanitized. We are in need of volunteers to help sanitize the churches after each Mass
Our 10:30 AM Mass on Sunday will be televised on our Facebook page for anyone who prefers to watch the Mass at home. Holy Communion will still be distributed at 11:15 AM following the Mass at St Catherine's church
Fr john

Posted 6/3/2020

This letter from Bishop Libasci discusses in detail what changes in the conduct of the Mass will be required in the face of Covid-19. It contains the following information:

  1. Pastors and Parish Staff
  2. To prepare for Mass With a Congregation
  3. Instructions to the Sick/Symptomatic
  4. Sanitizing /Disinfecting
  5. Mitigation

When additional information is received, it will be posted immediately.

Posted 5/30/2019

From Father John: Recent parish donations:
Offertory. $ 1,666.00
Ascension day. $ 175.00
Building fund. $ 60.00
Thank you for your support of our parish

From Father John: Congratulations and the Lord's blessings to David Gagnon and Joseph Moynihan who were ordained deacons by Bishop Libasci this morning in St Joseph s Cathedral. May God bless them and their ministry.


Mass Intentions
Sunday, May 31.
Barbara Anderson Kirol
By Art, Liam, Teri Sullivan
Monday, June 1
Lucien /mary Lamontagne
By the Lamontagne family
Tuesday June 2
Deceased members of
The Coffey family
Wednesday June 3
Theresa Ellis
By David Jennings
Thursday June 4
Deceased parishioners
By the altar rosary society
Friday June 5
Father Al Dagnoli
Saturday June 6
Christopher Kurkul
Sunday June 7
Josephine Baljak
By the Lacasce family

The GOVERNOR'S ECONOMIC REOPENING TASKFORCE has published "Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith."

Bishop Libasci's Letter announcing "the great reunion we all have longed for is at hand."

Posted 5/26/2020

On May 25 we deposited $1,766 offertory. And $175 for the feast of the Ascension. Thank you very much for your generous support
Fr john

Sent from Father John: Media articles about Churches resuming Holy Communion in NH:

Churches to distribute Holy Communion with limits; petition calls for Masses to resume

Holy Communion can resume at N.H. churches – within limits

NH Catholic parishes can resume offering Communion

Catholic Churches In N.H. Resume Communion While In-Person Mass Still Prohibited

Diocese of Manchester resuming holy communion at some churches

Posted 5/22/2020

Father John will be distributing Holy Communion Saturdays at 4 PM at St Peters Church.

Posted 5/21/2020


Mass Intentions
Saturday may 23
All deceased members
Of the Kersewich family
By the Kurkul family
Sunday May 24
Carl Henry Bosse
By Mr, Mrs Donald Fagan
Monday, May 25
Pro populo Mass
Tuesday May 26
Deceased members of the
Altar rosary society
Wednesday May 27
Deceased clergy of our parish
By the Altar rosary society
Thursday May 28
For the celebrants intentions
Friday, May 29
Father Al Dagnoli
Saturday May 30
For our Faithful departed
Sunday May 31
Barbara Anderson Kirol
By Art, Liam, Teri Sullivan
Please note
Due to the virus
Father will celebrate each
Of our parish Masses privately

From All Saints Page on Facebook:

Our Sunday Mass is televised on our new Facebook page at 10:30 AM
I [Father John] will be in St Catherine's church to distribute Holy Communion beginning at 11:15 AM. All who enter the Church must keep a distance of six feet from each other. Everyone entering the Church must wear a mask except when receiving the Blessed Sacrament. All must enter by the front doors and exit by the handicapped ramp. Handicapped people must wait for Father to bring Holy Communion out to them. There will be no Precious Blood available. One or two Eucharistic ministers could help to distribute the sacred Hosts. Father will be in the center and he and the ministers will stand 6 feet apart. Hand sanitizer will be available and used by every person before and after distributing Holy Communion

From Father John:

Beginning this Sunday, May 24 Holy Communion will be distributed to all who are properly disposed beginning at 11:15 AM until 11:45 AM in St Catherine's Church Charlestown NH. As you know our Sunday Mass is televised on our parish Facebook page at 10:30 AM on Sunday. Father John is available to hear confessions if you call to request the Sacrament. Holy Communion is not allowed to be brought to the sick at this time.
Please know that we are praying for you and your loved ones each day.
Father John Loughnane

Letter from Bishop Peter A. Libasci

Posted 5/15/2020

From Father John: Please pray for the repose of the soul of Father Al Dagnoli who has passed away. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.

From Father John: Recent parish deposits $ 2,445.00. Thank you for your continued support of our parish during these difficult times.


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